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111.- Application of stimuli-responsive materials for extraction purposes

J. González-Sálamo*, C. Ortega-Zamora, R. Carrillo, J. Hernández-Borges*| Journal of Chromatography A, 2020, in press

110.- Microplastics: An emerging and challenging research field

C. Hernández-Sánchez, J. González-Sálamo, C. Ortega-Zamora, G. Jiménez-Skrzypek, J. Hernández-Borges*| Current Analytical Chemistry, 2020, in press

Book Chapter
29.- Carbon nanoparticles

C. Ortega-Zamora, G. Jiménez-Skrzypek, M.A. González-Curbelo, J. González-Sálamo and J. Hernández-Borges* | Analytical sample preparation with nano- and other high-performance materials | Elsevier | 2020 | ISBN: not assigned yet (in press)

Book Chapter
28.- Application of functionalized magnetic nanoparticles for organic analytes extraction

G. Jiménez-Skrzypek, M.Á. González-Curbelo, J. González-Sálamo, C. Ortega-Zamora and J. Hernández-Borges* | Analytical applications of functionalized magnetic nanoparticles | Royal Society of Chemistry | 2020 | ISBN: not assigned yet (in press)


Javier Hernández-Borges is Associate Professor with tenure of the Analytical Chemistry Division of the Department of Chemistry at the University of La Laguna in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain). He has published around 130 papers in international journals and books, most of them dealing with analytical method development, in particular, with the analysis of pesticide, antibiotic, phthalates and estrogenic compounds residues in environmental and food samples by chromatographic and electromigration techniques.

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