• 45.- Evaluation of a modified QuEChERS method for the extraction of pesticides from agricultural, ornamental and forestal soils
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    Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 2010, 396, 2307-2319. View
  • 44.- Dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction combined with nonaqueous capillary electrophoresis for the determination of fluoroquinolone antibiotics in waters
    A.V. Herrera-Herrera, J. Hernández-Borges, T.M. Borges-Miquel, M.A. Rodríguez-Delgado
    Electrophoresis, 2010, 31, 3457-3465. View
  • 43.- Carbon nanotubes: Solid-phase extraction
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    Journal of Chromatography A, 2010, 1217, 2618-2641. View
  • 42.- Dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction for determination of organic analytes
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    TrAC-Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 2010, 29, 728-751. View

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