Book Chapters


  • 22.- Organophosphorus Pesticides In Bread And Flours
    A.V. Herrera-Herrera, J. González-Sálamo, B. Socas-Rodríguez, J. Hernández-Borges*
    Flours and Bread and their Fortification in health and Disease Prevention (2nd Edition)
    Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands | 2019 | ISBN: 978-0-12-814639-2
  • 21.- Carbon Nanomaterials In Sample Preparation
    B. Socas-Rodríguez, J. González-Sálamo, J. Hernández-Borges*
    Carbon-based nanomaterials in Analytical Chemistry
    Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), United Kingdom | 2019 | ISBN: 978-1-78801-102-0

Applied Analytical Chemistry · University of La Laguna

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