• 109.- Covalent Organic Frameworks In Sample Preparation
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    Molecules, 2020, 25(14) 3288. View
  • 108.- Menthol-Based Deep Eutectic Solvent Dispersive Liquid-Liquid Microextraction: A Simple And Quick Approach For The Analysis Of Phthalic Acid Esters From Water And Beverage Samples
    C. Ortega-Zamora, J. González-Sálamo*, C. Hernández-Sánchez, J. Hernández-Borges*
    ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 2020, 8, 8783-8794. View
  • 107.- Analysis Of Pesticides In Cherimoya And Gulupa Minor Tropical Fruits Using AOAC 2007.1 And Ammonium Formate QuEChERS Versions: A Comparative Study
    D.A. Varela-Martínez, M.A. González-Curbelo*, J. González-Sálamo, J. Hernández-Borges*
    Microchemical Journal, 2020, 157, 104950. View
  • 106.- Extraction Of Phthalic Acid Esters And Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Adipate From Tap And Waste Water Samples Using Chromabond® HLB As Sorbent Prior To Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Analysis
    C. Ortega-Zamora, J. González-Sálamo*, D.A. Varela-Martínez, M.A. González-Curbelo, J. Hernández-Borges*
    Separations, 2020, 7 (21), 1-111. View

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